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a quick look at today's forecast. chuck bell is standing by. it feels like the pavement is a little wet outside. absolutely right. we have a lot of wet and moist air coming up. the relatively cold ground has the warm air over it. we have some condensation on the roadways this morning. a pan around view shows it is colderhan it looks. we will have breaks of sunshine in the early morning hours. temperature, 34 degrees. 32, frfax county. 31, loudoun county. 31, montgomery county, maryland. 33, prince george's county. not much of a breeze blowing. windchills aren't too chilly as you get your day started. be ready for increasing number of clouds this afternoon. we should be mostly cloudy by late today. chances for rain come back into our forecast during the overnight hours. tomorrow, a very soggy day.
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kimberly, details coming up. chuck, thank you. it is a disaster of unimaginable proportions. here is what we are learning this morning about the situation in haiti. food and water arriving steadily into the country. the challenge is to get it to those who need it, because many roads are destroyed. the red cross still estimating about 50,000 people could be dead. experts say the likelihood of finding survivors in the rubble dropped dramatically after 72 hours. in haiti's case, that was 5:00 last night. a state-of-the-art hospital will go along way in the race to save survivors. there is one about to be on the way right now. the ussns comfort is leaving for baltimore for haiti this morning. derrick ward is live in baltimore with more. >> reporter: good morning,
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kimberly. behind me in the distance, you see the port of baltimore from which the "ussns comfort" will set sail. he told them to set sail for at least six months of deployment, to be prepared for injury, death, and devastation unlike they have never seen before. it is as if the forces of nature have declared war on humanity. at sea, the "ussns comfort" is able to accommodate up to 1,000 patients. on board, some of the best medical personnel available, primarily from the bethesda medical center. the ship has desalinazatoin
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capabilities, converting salt water to drinking water. it was a monumental task getting this ship ready. three days ago when we received the order to sell sail, the ship was conducting scheduled maintenance. we plan for our deployments. we plan for our maintenance. there was no electricity, no water. it was an industrial site in a sense. in 72 hours, the navy team has put together the most capable floating hospital in the world to get ready and provide humanitarian assistance to the people of haiti. >> reporter: the last time the comfort was at sea, it was for a four-month mission to the caribbean and latin america. haiti was a stop on that mission. it was sort of a humanitarian outreach effort. now, they are going back to save lives. they are expected to arrive in haiti. they are just off haitiometime
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this week. live in baltimore. back to you. >> you hear that perspective. this would be the largest hospital in maryland. it gives you an idea of why it is taking so long to get the ship off to haiti. that should happen any moment now it looks like. right now, in haiti, the focus is on the living. the relief effort is huge. so is the knee. nbc's jay gray reports from port-au-prince. >> reporter: all over port-au-prince, chaos mixed with death and desperation. >> we must get help. our people are dying. >> reporter: rescue teams have saved a handful of americans. crews at the montana hotel had to amputate this man's legs. the red cross estimates as many as 50,000 people are dead here. there are so many victims, the cemeteries are already full. the government has been forced to bury hundreds in mass graves. money, manpower and machines continue to pour in from around the world.
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thousands of troops are on the ground or on the way. part of that effort is the usair craft carrier the "carl vinson" just off the haitian coast. the 82nd airborne has landed here. >> we have been preparing and training for these scenarios. >> reporter: those that did survive are still looking for help in many cases, also for homes. huge makeshift camps have popped up all over port-au-prince filled with scared and frustrated haitians right now. rescue teams are concerned that fear and frustration will only continue to grow here even as the recovery effort continues around the clock. jay gray, nbc news, port-au-prince, haiti. >> you can help the people of haiti. visit our website to find a list of legitimate organizations collecting donations. head to once you are there, search help. you will see a link in the middle of the page. we will also have more
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information on helping haiti later in our broadcast. >> it is all about to kick off at this moment, this year's nbc 4 health and fitness expo will be officially under way. here is a live look at the washington convention center, packed with exhibits, family friendly fun and life-saving information. lelths head o let's head out to news 4's doreen gentzler. good morning, doreen. >> reporter: good morning kimberly. we have theme work. this is our 17th year. i guess it is time we got our own theme music. we are ready to cut the ribbon and get underway with the nbc 4 health and fitness expo. this year will be big and better than ever. before we start, i want to introduce a few very special guest. congressman woman eleanor holmes norton, we are glad you are here. >> i thought i would introduce
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my life bill, lifetime improvement in food and exercise, because you are doing something for us trying to get the federal government into it. we have got 30% obesity in this country. thank you for this expo with lots of people out there lined up to get in. >> lots of people and lots of information about healthy eating and how to stay healthy. >> let's help ourselves while the health care bill is on too, please. >> indeed. we are glad you are here, congresswoman norton. we also have one of the most glamorous people here this morning. we are glad you are here as well. >> i am so thrilled to be here. i am going to be speaking at 11:00. this is like a party atmosphere. it's a party. kathy lee couldn't make it but too bad. i'm so glad to be here. >> reporter: we're very glad you are here. i know a lot of people wille excited to get to meet you, hoda. let me also introduce my boss,
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nbc 4 president and general manager, michael jack, to tell us more about who is here and what's available here. >> good morning, doreen. this is our 17th year, as you know. you have been there for all of them. it is the largest free health expo in the country. last year, with he had 85,000 people come down. why? probably for four reasons, as hoda suggested, the free health screenings, the tests, the clinics that we do. there is a wonderful opportunity also to do fun activities. nothing but fun. so if you are into exercising, if you want to dance, we have got that. if you want to go to the walking track, we have got that. if you want to do golf, tennis, we have got that. if you are really, really daring, which i think everybody here is, you can actually do the climbing track. so there is also a casting call tomorrow, although jillian michael's won't be here, if you are interested in participating
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in a show coming up, "losing it" on nbc. that's reason number three. reason number four is to meet folks like yourself. meet the stars of nbc 4, the reporters and the anchors who will be here as always to sign autographs. but, it doesn't stop there. we have special contestants from the biggest losers. we have abby and shay who are here. there they are. we have contest taants from "th top chef." a person that is really inspirational, one of my favorite people, miss hoda kotbe, who has suggested we will see her at 10:00. none of this, none of this happened without the hard work. we have 250 exhibit tors, over 150 profits, tons and tons of volunteers, from nbc 4 and a lot of other companies. none of this is happening
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without our cosponsors. this is a very expensive exhibit to put on. because of that, i want to acknowledge three of them with my partner here. >> yes. >> asbury methodist village, children's national medical center, washington hospital center. >> there you go. if that's not enough, we have free giveaways, we have prizes from four to 104. you can win a trip to universal or orlando studios. and, not the least, we are also taking collections for the haitian relief fund. so come on down. look forward to seeing evebody saturday and sunday. did i say free? from 9:00 to 5:00 at the expo. all ght. [ applause ] >> michael, i want to thank your daughter, truth, who helped recognize our sponsors and she is going to do the honors to cut the ribbon. we will get started on the walking track here. all right. away you go.
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kimberly, we hope lots of folks will come down and join us. we will be here until 5:00. i'm recommending people take metro to get down here. we will be back in a few minutes to tell you more about what's going on at the expo. >> wonderful, doreen. we look forward to it. the nbc 4 health and fitness expo happens today and tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. admission is free, as you heard. for a full schedule of all the events, you can go to and search health and fitness. wizards star, gilbert arenas, could be facing jail time. he has made a guilt plea in his gun case. we are learning what kind of guns he had in his possession. news 4 jackie bensen reports. >> reporter: three-time all-star, gilbert arenas, walked into superr court with his head down surrounded by cameras. he entered a plea of guilt to
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one felony charge of carrying a pistol without a license. the charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. in return for the guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to can request a sentence at the low end, not more than six months with the possibility that it be served as probation. court documents revealed new details, including a description of the weapons involved. brand brand brandon moyer laid out four guns similar to what he laid out as a joke to teammate javaris crittenton, with a note to pick one. they include an enormous smyth and wesson 500 revolver. >> a lot of people use this to hunt bear, large game, stuff like that. some people shoot it for fun at the range. >> reporter: arenas left the courthouse in a black mercedes sedan. he did not speak to the media.
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his attorney later released a statement that said, gilbert arenas accepted full responsibility for his actions, acknowledged that those actions were wrong and against the law and has apologized to all who have been affected by his conduct. it was followed by a statement from the washington wizards. we are deeply sattened and disappointed by his actions. gilbert used extremely poor judgments and is ultimately responsible for his own actions. jackie bensen, news 4. it is 9:13. a big shakeup on metro. what might be the real reason the general manager sus suddenly resigned. late-night negotiations, the deal that could mean conan o'brien will be bidding farewell to "the tonight show" and nbc. how is the weekend weather shaping up? chuck's forecast is coming up next.
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for many haitian-americans, the wait continues as they try to get word on relatives and friends who were caught in the quake. one local church is rejoicing after learning the fate of one of it's priests. father jasmine was found alive and well. he performed special masses at the sacred heart church on 16th street. he had traveled to his native haiti on monday to visit his elderly mother and was feared
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dead. then, came a middle of the night phone call bearing good news. a contact in florida had information. >> during the morning, you want to jump and scream but, actually, tears from your eyes after seeing all of what you see on television and then to know that, okay, he is all right. he is safe. >> the news was doubly good. father jasmine's predecessor, father andre pierre, also alive. republican bob mcdonald will be sworn in this afternoon at the 71st governor of virginia. the inauguration ceremony will be held outside the state capital building at noon. crews are working on final preparations. because of budget restraints, organizers say the ceremony will be scaled down. news 4 will bring you coverage later on today on "news 4 at 6:00." the resignation of metro general manager, john catoe, came as a surprise to many people, including metro board members. catoe returned to work
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yesterday. one board members told us metro officials had no idea this was coming. sources told news 4 health concerns played a role in his decision. he is downplaying that, saying what he said in his official statement, it is time for new management at metro. 62-year-old did acknowledge, though, that he is, quote, getting older. metro riders listen up. there will be major changes on the red line during this martin luther king holiday weekend. the groves nor strath more station is closed until tuesday afternoon. it is split between shady grove and white flint. the other between medical center and glenmont. shuttle buses are helping riders get around the closure. police are investigating a deadly pedestrian crash in northeast washington that shut i-295 down for hours this morning. the accident happened at 2:00 at benning northeast. the circumstances are still unclear.
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police have not yet released the victim's identity. however, this he say the driver did stay there at the scene. a traffic alert for drivers in southeast d.c. right now, the eastbound lanes of the southeast freeway are shut down approaching pennsylvania avenue. if you are driving in that area, you will have to get off at the exit for 295. crews are finishing up the demolition of the old ramps to rfk stadium. the laps wines will be closed u 10:00 tonight. after the break, you will tell us more about this weather we are having. when we look outside, it looks, what, foggy, misty? what's your xhois? . >> i remain very optimistic for your saturday forecast and optimistic that needed rain is on the way
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everywhere you look it's happening a return to saving
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choosing less over more solid is making a comeback for solid savings, come to suntrust. live solid. bank solid.
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here is a live look at the washington convention center. doreen gentzler joins us live for her 17th year. doreen, what a star-studded event you've got for us ahead? >> reporter: indeed, kimberly. good to see you again. i am with the washington nationals with a baseball pitching booth. i kind of throw like a girl.
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so i avoided this one. i want to show you some kid who can really throw. you can come down here and work on your baseball pitching skills, ray smyth from the nationals is with us. tell us what you guys are doing here? >> we are promoting our season that's coming up. we are throwing the fun on the sport and a little bit of an arm shake with the kids and guys that want to show off for everybody. >> reporter: you can see the speed of your pitching here, you have some measure in that. >> they have a speed pitch measuring machine that shows how fast you are throwing. that's something to shoot for to get better every time. >> reporter: ray, i know you will have a big crowd. if people come down, not a lot of waiting. baseball pitching isn't the only sport you can check out at the health and fitness expo. soccer, tennis, golf. we have the climbing wall. there are simulated snowboarding and skiing if you couldn't get
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away for a skiing week end this weekend. fitness classes all day on several different locations. there are also dancing demonstrations you can join in on. there is a ymca kids traveling playground. bicycling safety. they are working on that. all kinds of different indoor sports activities for people of all ages. kimberly, hope a lot of people will come down here and join us for lots of action. it is all free. we will be here until 5:00 today. 9:00 to 5:00 tomorrow. best way to get down here is take metro, because parking can be a bit of a challenge outside the convention center. we will be here until 5:00. we hope a lot of people will come and join us. coming up in a few minutes, i'm going to talk about all the free medical testing and screening that's available here at the expo. >> before we do that, i'm sure people are cues yis, what do you do to stay so fit? what's your exercise of choice?
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>> reporter: it is not baseball. that's for sure. i like to run, biking. i lift weights. i do a whole lot of different things. i am good at sports that don't take a whole lot of coordination. >> well, they certainly pay off. whatever you are doing it, you are doing it right. we will check in with you later. thank you. again, the nbc 4 health and fitness expo is today and tomorrow from 9:00 until fooich at the washington convention center. to are a full schedule, go to and search health and fitness. it is fun if you come on down and start wondering aaround, go booth to booth. you can get a massage, taste healthy foods. there is so much going on. >> a ton of fun for everybody that comes down. always a ton of fun for us to be there as well. hopefully, everybody comes down and takes a chance to come over and do a little meet and greet with the news 4 team. always good to be down there. outside plans, if you want to get out there and enjoy the day,
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unis shi sunshine is on tap. needed rainfall returns tomorrow. o outside on your saturday morning, a little bit of fog and mist. i am optimistic that we will see sunshine ithe near future. 34, national airport. dew point, 31. temperature and dew point are close together, that meeps the relatively mum relatively humidity is at 92%. january, now, 3.5 degrees colder than average. today will mark the fourth day in a row with temperatures warmer than average. that turns around again for tomorrow when we go back below average. 34 here in town. 32, fairfax. 28, manassas. 39, frederick, maryland. 33, naval academy. not much of a breeze blowing out there. windchills are not going to be a
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factor for your saturday. here is a look at regional doppler. the closest areas to us are just now coming up into the knoxville, tennessee area. we have many more dry hours to go. our rain chances start to ramp up as we go through the overnight hours tonight and into the early morning hours of tomorrow. so, look at all the moisture up and down the eastern seaboard. here is a look at the satellite review. that allow temperatures to drop down close to the dew point. we have a little bit of fog out there this morning. more mid and high-level clouds coming our way by later on this afternoon. what little bit of sunshine, will happen at 10:00 or 11:00 this afternoon. the clouds move on back in. here is a look at our futurecast model. high pressure moving away. low pressure, ever so close. the rain moving into the washington area. once it gets in here, it rains for most of the day long. during the day tomorrow, rains should taper up late sunday night. i can't rule out that a few showers might not linger into
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the very first part of monday. the majorit of monday will be dry. for today, morning sunshine, giving way to afternoon clouds. relatively mild with the highs in the upper 40s to low and mid-50s. clouds thicken overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. be ready for rain on your sunday afternoon. a high only near 43 degrees. rain ending first thing on monday leaving us with breezy and increasingly sunny conditions for monday afternoon. tuesday and wednesday look nice. we head towards thursday and potentially into friday. you need to get outside and enjoy your saturday. don't waste your time washing your car today. it is just going to rain tomorrow. >> unsettled weather doesn't sound like much fun. >> yes, but at least it won't be a bad ice storm. in sports, the wizards deal with drama on and off the court. good morning, everybody.
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your sports minute begins with gilbert arenas. yesterday, he pleaded guilty to a felony count of carrying a pistol without a license. the plea agreement prosecutors are recommending would have a maximum of sentence of six months. wizards were in chicago taking on the bulls regulations not enough. derek rose hit a runner in the lane with about five seconds left to give the bulls a two-point lead. randy foye, who did play very well, has a chance to tie it as the clock ran out. a shot off the mark. the wizards dropped there fourth in the row, 121-119, they lose to the bulls. on the ice, happy news. the caps hosting the toronto maple leafs. this man, capstraunaut is in the building. alex ovechkin tied a career high. mika knuble scored two goals and
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jose theodore stopped 21 of 28 shots as washington pounced toronto. 6-1 was the final. i'm dan hellie, everybody have a great weekend. thamg from guantanamo bay to washington, why a notorious terrorist could end up in our city. we're bringing you continuing coverage of the quake in haiti as the clock ticks for those who need rescuing and relief. after the break, a dramatic rescue. stay with us.
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good morning, everyone. i'm kim beberly suiters. the "usns comfort" about to leave port for haiti. a large floating hospital with 900 medical personnel on board. much-needed help heading to haiti. this is live out of baltimore. the port of baltimore,he "usns comfort" readying to leave port at any moment. first, we want to check in with chuck bell. good morning for a sail, huh, chuck. outside here, smooth as glass. that's how the potomac river looks first thing this morning a little bit of a gray sky hanging overhead. not going to produce any rain
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today. rain in the forecast for tomorrow. be ready for that. on your way to get your weekend started. temperatures hovering close to the freezing mark around town. 34, capital heights, maryland. 33 degrees, brandywine, maryland. 31 degrees in leesburg, virginia. increasing clouds by late this afternoon and this evening. well up into the upper 40s and w and mid-50s. it will rain around here tomorrow. get your outdoor chores done today an get on down to the health and fitness expo. >> thank you, chuck. we will. now to the situation in haiti. aid from around the world is pouring in. food and especially water remain a big problem. dehydration is prevalent, because people are uncovered and out in the sun all day. survivors are scared of unstable buildings and aftershocks. drivers and stores are nervous about carrying goods for fear of getting attacked by desperate
9:35 am
and angry mobs. in the next hour, president obama will meet with former presidents, george w. bush and bill clinton. he chose them to lead the private fund-raising efforts in haiti. president obama is facing frankly about the challenges that lie ahead, not just in the coming days but in the years ahead. president obama touching on the difficulties relief workers have faced with simply getting supplies to those who need them. even the most basic things, like clean water. many roads are impassable and communications are down. the president said, it will take time to help everyone but the u.s. will remain committed. >> the scale of devastation is extraordinary, as i think all of us are seeing on television and the losses are heartbreaking. i ple i pledged america's continuing help to save lives and deliver relief and the long-term effort
9:36 am
to rebuild. >> up to 10,000 members of the u.s. military will be in haiti by monday. the survivors of the haitian earthquake have been forced to find homes and help. for many haitians in need of medical attention, their best option is to cross the border into the dominican republic. reporter, tom llamas has that story. >> reporter: for many, surviving the quake was only half the misery. many women and children are transported across the border. this little boy suffered a skull fracture during the quake. he is without his parents en route for surgery into santo domingo. these tiny hospitals try to save as many lives as they can. there are too many victims and not enough doctors or supplies. >> there are a lot of amputations, guys that had gangrene and fractures. we need more space and more
9:37 am
personnel to perform that amputations. >> reporter: the brave doctors and aid workers on the border from the dominican republic have nottopped working since the quake struck. in haiti, little to no options for those that need care. >> there is absolutely nothing in haiti. they are overwhelmed here. they don't have enough help. they don't have enough space. >> reporter: the sick are brought in from haiti mostly by helicopter. we were with the dominican air force as they transported essential personnel and haitians in urgent need of care. the images above port-au-prince as telling as those on the grown. the earthquake has turned parts of the city in villages of rubble. television crews helped pull a 16-month-old child from the rubble in haiti. the television crew was about to film an interview when they heard a child. it was a 16-month-old crying under the rubble.
9:38 am
rescuers gave the dehydrated child a much-needed drink of water after she was saved. one said it was her fighting spirit that helped her stay alive almost 68 hours. >> very emotional, honestly. i thought that it was my own baby that i was pulling out of there. she did a great job. she stayed alive for three days with no food, no drink. >> the search for survivors continues. the chance drops greatly after 72 hours. that time struck about 5:00 p.m. yesterday. you can join the relief efforts. make a donation to the red crosby calling 1-800-d-oss or make a donation using your cell phone. text haiti to 90999. a $10 donation will be charged to your cell phone bill. you can donate on line at and visit our website to find a list of other
9:39 am
lechb legitimate organizations. go to search help. you will see a link in the middle of the page. gilbert arenas has struck a deal. the wizards star has pleaded guilty to felony gun possession. it is a plea that may result in jail time. news 4's pat collins reports. >> reporter: with his head bowed, wizards star, gilbert arenas, walked into superior court today and entered a guilty plea to one felony count of carrying a pistol without a license. that felony conviction carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail. under the plea deal, prosecutors have agreed to ask for a sentence of no more than six months. according to court documents, he got into an argument over a card game.
9:40 am
he threatened to burn the player's car and shoot him in the face. the other player said he would shoot arenas in the knee. th, according to the prosecutor, on december 21st, arenas brought four guns from his home in virginia to the wizards locker room at the verizon center. there was a confrontation. arenas put the four guns on a chair in front of that player's locker with a note that said, "pick one." arenas said he did that in jest. later, those guns were surrendered to police. on january 6th, arenas was suspended indefinitely by the nba after he was pictured with other players, apparently making fun of the gun incident. it is unclear as to how this felony conviction will affect arenas' future with the national basketball association. in a statement from his attorney today, arenas said, he accepted full responsibility for his actions, acknowledged those
9:41 am
actions were wrong and against the law and apol jooogized to a that were affected by his conduct. the obama administration is doing intense security vee view over the plan to put some guantanamo detainees on trial right here in washington. the suspected mastermind behind a bombing in baly is among several that could be tried here. critics argue that bringing the trials to d.c. would make the city more of a target for terrorists. the justice department has made no final decisions. drama over the late-night comedy lineup. how much conan's walking papers could cost nbc. lindsey is having lunch with a real dare devil. coming up on the nbc 4 health and fitness expo hour, we will take you back to the washington
9:42 am
convention center. just ahead.
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live look at the washington convention center. doreen gentzler joining us live
9:45 am
to show you something fun and exciting you can encounter too. >> reporter: one of the most important things that happens at the health and fitness expo every year is a whole variety of free medical tests and screenings. we know there are a lot of people in our viewing audience who don't have regular access to medical care, who may not have health insurance, and who can benefit from the free testing that's offered here. right now, i'm standing in the national kidney foundation's display area where they are screening people for kidney disease. with me right now is reed doughty, who you no-doubt recognize from the washington redskins. reed is here because his family has personal experience with kidney disease. sorry it is so noisy with the overhead speak e reed. first of all, tell us about your family's experience? >> my son, michael, was born with kidney disease, end-stage
9:46 am
reasonab renal failure. he was on dialysis and had a life-saving kidney transplant from my wife at 18 months. his disea was not preventible. for so many people in the washington, d.c. area, it is. there are over 700,000 people in the capital area with some form of kidney disease. it is so important to come down and get screened, because it is preventible in many cases. today, they are offering blood pressure, the bmi, body mass index, along with consultation from a medical professional if you are somehow have risk factors, they will set you up for further screening with the kidney foundation. >> reporter: who should think about being screened for kidney disease? >> everybody. there is higher risk factors for some people, especially if you have a family history or you have diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of
9:47 am
kidney disease. it is very important to get screened today for many people. >> reporter: it is easy to do. you are going to do it right now. you just have to have your blood pressure checked and answer a few questions. this is one of many medical screenings available here. you can also be tested. reed is getting his blood pressure tested. you can have your cholesterol checked. you can have your blood sugar tested. you can be screened for diabetes. there is also glaucoma screening and vision testing here. they are checking for heart disease risk factor. how are you doing, reed? >> i'm good. if anybody has any questions, they can go to kidney, there will be more formal screenings with blood work and that scheduled. they can they can that out. >> reporter: we are glad you are here. reed is going to have some of his redskins teammates here at noon and some redskins cheerleaders will be here. the kidney foundation expects to
9:48 am
do their 20,000 kidney disease screening right away. they will be giving away prizes. if you want to meet some redskins and cheerleaders and get valuable medical tests, come on down and join us. we are at the washington convention center. we will be here until 5:00. i hope a lot of people will take advantage of all the free medical services that are available all weekend long. >> normally, thatind of stuff isn't fun. to get to do it around the redskins and the cheerleaders, that makes it a bit more enjoyable experience. >> reporter: indeed, it does. >> thanks, doreen. we will check in with you a little later. the nbc 4 health and fitness expo is today and tomorrow from 9:00 until 5:00 at the washington convention center. admission is free fofrmt a full schedule of events, go to and search health and fitness. coming up, a quick look at the weather. we're also going to be taking a look at what the latest is in haiti. the relief that's on the way
9:49 am
there from our own port in baltimore. we'll be right back.
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a live look at the "usns comft" leaving port from baltimore on its way to haiti. a large, very large, floating hospital with medical personnel on board able to treat 1,000 patients at a time. expected to arrive in haiti by the end of the week. not a bad day to be out on the scenes if you need to be. >> relatively good day for
9:52 am
sailing. >> i'm not sure the winds are going to affect us. >> it's got the underwater sail cheating mechanism in place already. good-looking day to be outside. relatively quiet on the chesapeake bay and the atlantic sea lover. if you are a land lover like me, you are going to have a pleasant saturday. a little bit of fog and mist outside. 34, national airport. the dew point and temperature are close tog. that's the reason we have such a reduced visibility out there. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. january, 3.5 degrees colder than average. today will be the fourth day in a row where temperatures are warmer than average. 34 downtown, 32 fairfax county. 41, frederick, maryland. 42, hagerstown. 34, southern maryland. not much of a breeze. windchill factors not a problem.
9:53 am
no rain around our area just yet. the newest rain showers just starting to inch into far northeastern tennessee. eventually, they will squeak into far southwestern virginia. no real rain threat. temperatures in the 30s up and down the eastern seaboard. not much wind around it. high pressure, big area that has brought us the quiet weather is going to start to inch its way up the east coast. one last dry day. this area of low pressure tapping the gulf of mexico as well. that will bring the clouds back in here by late this vafternoon and early this evening. rain moving back into the area. rain moves back in after midnight and before daybreak tomorrow. pretty steady rain around here. half an inch to an inch of rain is a real possibility. when everything comes to an end, late sunday night or first thing on the martin luther king
9:54 am
holiday on monday. for today, morning sunshine giving way to clouds. high temperatures, upper 40s to low and mid-50s. chilly, rainy day around the area for tomorrow. the rain out of here first thing on monday afternoochb, nice. tuesday, wednesday, dry as well. more rainy showers. chances come in on thursday. your health and fitness forecast is a good one. whether you want to get out with the dry weather or go in the rain tomorrow. >> you can come and do a lot of things indoor all day long. >> absolutely right. >> thank you, chuck. according to the nielsen company, our ratings are way, way up this week, which is very nice. [ applause ] >> very exciting, yeah. folks, that's nothing. wait until you see what we've got planned for february. nbc is close to an exit deal with current tonight show host, conan o'brien. final negotiatis are still underway. the deal may include a
9:55 am
settlement totalling more than $30 million. it will give o'brien a chance to start a new show somewhere else this fall. under that deal, jay leno would take the helm back of "the tonight show." this week are our lindsey czarniak had lunch with a real dare devil, travis astrauna has become one of the famous stunt men in the nation, one of the most famous. this past new year's eve, he broke a world record jumping 269 feet from the pine street pier on to a barge in the middle of the long beach harbor. he talked about the danger of his day job over chow mein at his grandma's house in indianapolis. here is lunch with lindsey.
9:56 am
welcome to grandma's house. this is the round table. grandma cooks a lot of different stuff. you have two options, take it or leave it. >> okay. >> we usually have the leftovers from the day before. >> how do you pick the dare devil stunts you are going to do now or what you are going to try next? >> you think, where do i want to go? you pick your country you want to go to. you think, what can i do in that country that i can't do here? >> give me an example. >> we want to go to panama, costa rica. we went to costa rica and they said, you can sky dive and land on the beach. we'll give you a helicopter. you can race on the beach and stuff. a lot of it didn't make the show. we do it just for fun. >> you were 14 when you had your really bad accident, right? >> i think i just turned 15. >> i've read that you were one of only three people in the world that have come out of the injury that you suffered, right, the separation of the joint?
9:57 am
>> the spinal column, the s.i. joint, blue aew and shattered t hips. you were in a coma for two weekes? >> not really. i just kept passing out. i wasn't tough enough to withstand the pain. i kept passing ou. it was pretty interesting. i realized you can only take so much pain. the first thing i remember coming out an laying on the bed. my mom going, are you sure, are you positive this is what you want to do? i said, did the doctors say i could go back out an make the event i no he i can make that jump. >> reporter: does it ever get difficult for you knowing how your family might get scared when you doorg a big stunt? >> never entered his mind. >> reporter: you appeared to people and you said that you appeared to be a fairly fearless
9:58 am
guy. what are you scared of? >> women. >> scared of committing to women. >> i'm afraid of falling asleep on an airplane. i have nightmares. i only fell asleep one time. i was running away from the cockpit. i had woken up in my underwear a half a mile outside of vegas. >> reporter: what were you thinking before you went and did it? do you have any routines that you get yourself ready with sm. >> no, some things just feel good. it is weird but the energy in e stadium was so high. i dropped in. the double flip, everything felt right. i remember all the smells, the sights. everything so clear. >> reporter: tell me about that. >> it only happens when you think you are going to hurt yourself or die. your body takes the adrenaline instead of freezing up.
9:59 am
the guys take that time and instead of freezing up, they use it to slow down time and think through what they are going to do. it's a good tichlt you figure it is not going to last forever. good family, good friends, live it while you can, you know. >> fascinating cha
10:00 am
10:01 am
10:02 am
comfort to hawaii. a navy medical ship poised to join the relief work in haiti. the help it is bringing to the people that need it the most, the "usns comfort." we are getting a look at weapons gilbert arenas is accused of bringing into the verizon center. >>. >> hello, ain, everyone. i'm kimberly suiters. you are watching the weekend edition of "news4 today." first, a check on the forecast. good morning. a good saturday everybody. hopefully, your weekend is off to a nice and quiet start outside in the great outdoors. weather is cooperative. a little bit of fog still left hanging around the city of washington. a blue sky overhead. it is going to be a very
10:03 am
pleasant saturday toda temperatures are on their way up. 37 in town. 37 degrees in leesburg this morning. 32, manass. 41, germantown. temperatures on their way up into the high 40s to low and mid-50s today. our morning sunshine will be replaced by increasingly cloudy skies by late this afternoon nd aevening and rain is a big part of our sunday forecast, kimberly. >> the attention of the world continues to be focused on haiti this morning. there are long lines for food and clean water. getting supplies from the airport to the people of haiti is a real challenge. many roads are impassable. the red cross is still estimating about 50,000 people could be dead. hope is dwindling of finding any survivors. the likelihood of is your vifrg drops dramatically after 72 hours. in haiti's case, that was 5:00 last night. the navy is doing it's part to
10:04 am
help those injured and in need of medical care. the "usns comfort," a mass viv vessel with state-of-the-art medical facilities is on its way right now to haiti. it left just moments ago. getting that ship ready was no small task. news 4 derrick ward is live in baltimore to tell us how the navy did it. >> reporter: it was just a few months ago when the comfort was off the waters of haiti. that time, a humanitarian outreach mission. that ship has justed pulled off from the port of baltimore, going to save lives. a massive vessel. three football fields from bow to stern. it can accommodate up to 1,000 patients with four operating rooms and 15 intensive care units. it has the capability of converting salt water to drinking water, about 3,000 gals
10:05 am
a day, much needed. she will have on board medical staff, crew and supplies for a mission at's expected to last about six months at least. >> we have numerous medical capabilities across the board, from trauma care to pediatrics, to dentistry. there air lot of people who need a lot of medical support and capability. this ship and its personal on board is prepared to that. >> reporter: it was just three days ago when they got their mission orders to sail to haiti. that ship was down for maintenance. they turned it around in three days. that that is a monumental task when usually it takes five days to do that. >> if you don't have the hospital, we will bring the hospital to you, right, derrick? >> reporter: indeed. >> you can visit our website to find a list of the legitimate
10:06 am
places that are collecting money for haiti. washington wizards star gilbert arenas has pleaded guilty to carrying a pistol without a license. for the first time, we are getting a look at the types of guns arenas brought inside the remember izoverizon center, a desert eagle and a smyth and wesson revolver. >> this is used for hunting, bear, large game. some shoot it for fun at the range. >> arenas will remain free until sentencing on march 26th. prosecutors have agreed to not seek more than six months in prison. he could also serve no time
10:07 am
behind bars. 10:06 right now. we are back with the local survivors of the quake in haiti. stay tuned for more at the nbc 4 health and fitness expo at the washington convention center going on right now. boss: so word's gettin' out that geico customers could save even more on their car insurance
10:08 am
by signing up for other things - like homeowner's or renter's insurance. nice work, everyone. exec: well, it's easy for him. he's a cute little lizard. gecko: ah, gecko, actually - exec: with all due respect, if i was tiny and green and had a british accent
10:09 am
i'd have more folks paying attention to me too... i mean - (faux english accent) "save money! pip pip cheerio!" exec 2: british? i thought you were australian. gecko: well, it's funny you should ask. 'cause actually, i'm from - anncr: geico. save even more with our new multi-policy discount.
10:10 am
let's go back to this year's nbc 4 health and fitness expo. news 4's doreen gentzler joins us live with yet another inspiring story. good morning, doreen. >> reporter: hi, again, kimberly. we have covered sports and free medical tests and screenings. the other thing that i want to emphasize that is available down here at the d.c. convention center this weekend is information about how to have a healthier lifestyle. i want to introduce my two new friends. a lot of my viewers will rec og nooiz them if you are fans of the biggest loser. abby wright and shay sore rel, two of the stars of the show. you guys are an inspiration to so many people. abby, i want to start with you. how much weight did you lose? >> i lost 100 pounds. >> reporter: how did you do it? you said, everybody wants to know, what's the secret? >> i wish there was a magic see contract. it is just, you eat right and make healthy choices and you move a lot and sweat a lot. that's what i did.
10:11 am
it's worked and i feel fantastic. >> reporter: shay, you hear the same kinds of questions. so what do you say. you are such an inspiration to so many people. we see you struggle with some of the same things that we struggle with. only, you are doing it in front of the cameras. what do you tell people? >> i lost 172 pounds. i look at the people out there who are morbidly obese and they are thinking, it is hopeless, there is no possible way. i work with some of those people every single day. getting up, moving, doing something healthy. i tell everybody, make every choice closer to your goal. when you look at that choice sitting in front of you on your plate, is it going to get you to your goal or further away. make choices like that. when you are thinking about it, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. if you are on the escalator, that's all there is when we took the metro. do whatever you can.
10:12 am
>> reporter: you walked up the -- >> escalator. it looks scary. it's one of those choices. >> reporter: welcome to washington. which are glad you are here. i no he a lot of people would like to meet you. they will be here all weekend. they will boateng be appearing on the stage here at 1:00. they are happy to talk with folks that come down here and visit. i want to let you no he that jillian, the trainer from the biggest loser is starting a new show. she is not going to be here this weekend but they are having a casting call for her new show. that will be toll. that's something that people may be interested in. there are lots of exhibits and displays and things you can do to learn more about having a healthier lifestyle. giant is here to help you pick out healthier produce. the washington hospital scepter is doing nutritional analysis. i also want to tell you, there are lots of all-day both days.
10:13 am
a lot of healthy chefs are going to be here. i hope a lot of people will come down here to join us. we will be here until 5:00 today. 9:00 to 5:00 tomorrow. you can take a look at it out on the floor and see we have a whole lot of our friends are here already. it will only get crowded. more crowded as the day goes by. my advice is to get down here as quickly as you can, kimberly. >> all right, chuck and i are going to head on a bus in the next 35 minutes. we will see you soon. thank you, doreen. the nbc 4 health and fitness expo is today and tomorrow from 9:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. admission is free. for a schedule of events, go to and search health and fitness. those two ladies lost 272 pounds combined. >> unbelievable.
10:14 am
all it takes is making the right choices day after day after day. a complete check of the weather. a complete check of
10:15 am
10:16 am
it's 10:16. the sun is supposed to be shining brightly today. >> a little bit of a chinese sun, dim sun. a little bit of a weather pun. my grandfather said, that is only two-thirds of a pun, p.u.
10:17 am
cloudy skies are on the way as we get into the second half of your weekend. the first half will be the outdoor half. the second half, will be the indoor half. rap is on the way for your sunday. your saturday, i am optimistic, indeed. the news 4 fishing team out there trying to reel in a little late lunch. our dew point, 33. a little touch of winter humidity. you think it is chilly outside now? one year ago, the high temperature, one year ago today, 18. that was a keelcold one. the coldest stretch of the whole winter season. the today and tomorrow time frame. temperatures on their way up to the upper 30s, low 40s. you don't need to worry about bundling up against the harsh
10:18 am
north winds today. not much in the way of rainfall to worry about on your saturday. the nearest raindrops are now all the way down towards knoxville, tennessee and asheville, north carolina. it is going to take a long time for the raindrops to make their way all the way into the washington area. dry weather today. dra for anything you want to do outside for your saturday evening and most of your saturday night. the rain chances start to go up after about 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. by about daybreak tomorrow, i think everybody will be getting in on the rain. relatively dry across the eastern seaboard. a little bit of fog first thing this morning. today will be the last of the dry days out there. high pressure moving out. low pressure moving in. the area of low pressure moves off the gulf of mexico. lots of moisture to work with. taps a little bit of atlantic moisture as well. by 8:00 tomorrow morning, the rain is moving into the metropolitan area. i this i it rains pretty much off and on all day long tomorrow and then tapers off very slowly
10:19 am
by late sunday night into the early morning hours of monday. by monday, about 8:00, the last raindrops will be pulling on out. for today, morning sunshine, giving way to cloudier and cloudier skies as we go through the re of the day. relatively mild. temperatures, high 40s, low and mid-50s. 52 degrees today. that's ten degrees warmer than average. 34 degrees warmer than it was a year ago. that's pleasant. rain off and on all day tomorrow. should be out of here by monday morning early. monday afternoon, tuesday, wednesday, look dry. another chan of rain showers coming up on thursday. >> flip-flop wearing weather today. >> as long as you have got tough feet. >> it feels that warm by comparison. >> that is true. the time is now 10:19. people in our area lived through the earthquake in haiti.
10:20 am
10:21 am
10:22 am
the nbc 4 health and fitness expo is under way. visit the washington conventn center until 5:00 today and 9:00 to 5:00 tom for freed health screenings, demonstrations and family fun. the whole news 4 team will be there. here in the washington area, many with family and friends in haiti can do only one thing. that is to pray. that's what hundreds did in
10:23 am
silver spring with washington's arch bishop. craig melvin spoke to some in at ten dance. >> reporter: ana davis wept through the mass. >> my cousin called me and told me she was one of the victims. >> reporter: david's mother died tuesday in the earthquake. so did her nephew and two cousins. many of the hundreds who filled saint camila's are grieving. >> we simply want to come together to be with our broers and sisters here and at the same time to ask god's mercy, god's love, god's care on everyone in haiti. some have. the news has been tragic. some have and the news has been good. >> reporter: for others who have been waiting to hear, there has still been no news at all. >> he went to see my brother, who lives in haiti. we haven't heard anything from
10:24 am
them since tuesday. >> reporter: with no information about her family's whereabouts, she has been left with the images that w have all been taking in for several days now. for her, it is so different. >> seeing the bodies at the hospital, i saw at the hospital, that's very hard. i know those places. i have been there. everything that i know, everything that i sort of grew up with, everything that i grew up with is gone. >> reporter: alexander has a hopeful prayer for her family's safe return and her homeland. she wants something out of this tragedy. >> this is our chance to do something different. this is our chance to get ourselves together and make the country better. >> reporter: craig melvin, news 4. >> nice to hear a sliver of optimism from someone who stands to lose a lot. >> tough going down there in haiti. i want to remind everybody, the nbc health and fitness expo in progress from 9:00 t 5:00 today and 9:00 to 5:00 tomorrow. a lot of great stuff you can do.
10:25 am
health screening and the like. meet all of your news 4 favorites. it is going to be a lot have o fun for everybody. a lot of things for the kids to do. i know one of the things i was able to do was get on the national bone marrow done noreg. i would be surprised if they weren't down there again this year. >> chuck says the weather will be rather nice. you may want to go down there. >> today will be the nicer day to get there and back. tomorrow will be the better indoor day, because it will be raining. >> i know you are very worried about doreen getting more autographs than you will. >> it is not going to p ha, even if i have to sign pictures twice. >> thank you, chuck. >> you are welcome. some americans who did survive the quake in haiti are gipping to return to the united states. members of a church in calvert county arrived back home early
10:26 am
yesterday morning. they were on a mission trip when the quake struck. news 4's john triffe. has more on their story. >> reporter: clutching her rose sear beads, cecilia peck remembers the nightmare she endured in haiti. >> it is like a war happened there. >> reporter: she is one of ten missionaries that went to the country to help take care of children. they have made this trip twice before. on tuesday, this third visit went terribly wrong. >> the earth started to shake. all the safety and security for the compound started to crumble. >> reporter: back here in maryland, the pastor was worried sick about his missionaries. he knew they were still alive, because he was receiving updates from their text messages. father daniel leary, whose sister and niece were also on
10:27 am
the trip, vividly remembers one of the conversations. >> i said, how are you doing? the text came back, the children are really helping us. i texted back, what a great paradox. i thought you were there to help the children. the text came back, one of them just wiped the tears from my eyes. she said, these children are amazing. >> reporter: while the miss naries still in haiti slept on the floor and endured dozens of aftershocks, the church set up this vigil and prayed for their safe return. >> they got that safe return. that was john triffen reporting. that's it for "news4 today."
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